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2016 All gone!

Looking forward to 2017's back yard harvest!

Huge Thank You To All Who Participated!

Check back in August for info on next year's brew!

- Attention Back Yard Hop Growers -

Ever Wonder what your hops would taste like in a commerical brewery's beer?
Well This is your opportunity!

Royal City Brewing invites all of Guelph's backyard hop growers to participate in  Community Brew 2016

At 11am on Monday September 5th 2016 we invite anyone and all to come into the brewery as we fire up our brewhouse and use ALL of the backyard hops that we receive for this wet hopped beer. Individual varieties don't matter we want whatever you've got ready to go.

We want this to be an interactive day - we'll have our people there to answer questions and demonstrate our brewing process. Our brew day should run from 11:00 until 5:30 or so. We encourage people to come by and participate in the process.

Wet hopping, or fresh hopping, refers to using whole, undried fresh hops that have just been harvested from the bines. We would use them both in the kettle for bittering and flavour, and for aroma later in the process. The resulting flavours can be more vibrant and fresh tasting than dried, stored and processed hops. Unfortunately we can really only do this once a year!

To participate please pick your hops no earlier than Saturday September 3rd and bring them to the brewery before noon on September 5th. Please keep refridgerated between picking and delivery!

**Remember to wear gloves and or long sleeves when harvesting - the bines are very abraisive and can cause cuts or rashes on your arms when handling them**

Please follow the links below for info on how and when to harvest your hops.



If your hops aren't ready to harvest for the 5th, don't fret - we will need a limited amount later in the process for dry hopping.

If you're not sure if your hops are ready - pick a couple of examples and bring them by the brewery prior to the event and we will let you know if you're good to go.

Our brew day should run from about 11:00 until 5:30 that evening. Please feel free to come by, hang out, and learn how hops are utilised in brewing.

If all goes well the beer will be ready approximately 14 days later.

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